TVM models is an agency that stands for IMPROVEMENT. Improvement can be applied to models, that are highly trained, or for companies that want to take the next step in their marketing.
At TVM models you will find real models. In all sizes, colours and with or without scars and tattoos. Whatever the ideal image is, we have a model to represent your brand!
Our models are trained to be professional models who know what they’re doing. They learn posing, acting, video commercials, catwalk, hair & make-up. In short all a model needs to know. TVM has a limited number of models to ensure that every models gets the personal attention they need to grow.
TVM models has model aged 14 and older that are trained to be all-round models. Weather it’s photo or video shoots, acting, hostesses or presenting. Our models are employable in every branch possible. In the new age the picture of perfection is not as it was. The models are tall, short, round, slim, tattooed, scared and more. This means that the perfect model for your brand is diverse too. Grow with the time!
TVM find it important to be a team player. TVM has a limited number of models, this means all the models are the best of their kind and get the personal attention they deserve. For a change of pace we do enjoyable things together, like shoot events, portfolio days or go for drinks together. #relaxation
Why get a model?
A question we get a lot. Models are necessary to represent your brand in promotional material for social media, websites, campaigns, or commercials. Hostesses can also ad a personal touch to your business to give it an extra professional touch at business events, store opening or to give out flyers or samples for your brand. Everything you can think of.
Models aren’t limited to just the beauty branch, they are also applicable to commercials for construction, events, hospitality, education and every other branch. In conclusion, your brand could benefit from a model.
Why choose our models?
Our models are professionals who can adapt to your brands needs. They can appear as business partners, a group of friends, construction workers, fitness coach and everything else you can think of. Your wish is our command.
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