Want to know if you are a match for TVM:
Willing to grow as a person and model
Do these apply to you? Then you might be a perfect fit! TVM works with a limited number of models, this means we have one of every kind of look. WE are a small tight knit team. At TVM models you are a person, not a number. TVM will be help you grow as a personal and model, but TVM expects the same effort in return. TVM is looking for professional and employable models so we expect a certain flexibility of you.
The modelling industry can be tough, that is why TVM says “Don’t let one no demotivate you, but let the one yes motivate you”. Let the positive motivate you to grow, you are bookable! But you will need perseverance. Sometimes it goes slow and other times your calendar will be filled. TVM models will help you keep your career stable.

TVM gives personal training and advice. We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate. We are a team all of us together.  In TVM models you will be in a safe environment where you are able to grow the THE next level. TVM organises shoot events for connections, portfolio days grow your portfolio and to learn on set and workshops to grow in specific aspects. 
** TVM has a limited database and will be strict in selection
** not hired the first time? Try again in the future never give up on your dream!
Workshops as a TVM model are for free. You want to join one of our workshops, we'll let you see the pricelest.
Make-up Basic and glam
Catwalk training solo or as a group
How to model (everything about the modelling world)
Training on how to pose
Portfolio days
Social media training (online or physically)
1 on 1 photography in combination with posing

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