The contract will be handled by TVM models, in exceptional circumstances there will be direct contact with the models, yet the contact point will always be TVM.
The payments will be handled by TVM models via invoice. TVM models uses the statutory payment term of 31 days.
TVM models receives 10% booking costs on top of the price for the model. These costs are for the maintenance and management of TVM models. 
You are free to request a no-obligation quote if you are interested in hiring a model or receiving a package. TVM is flexible and ready to help. We distinguish between hobby photographers and commercial clientele. 
A price indication can be given if provided clearly with a location, duration theme and type of assignment. 
In case there is no buy-out the model will keep the rights to the footage. Using this the models can indicate which photo’s will be put online and which not. TVM will reasonably give objective judgement as well. 
The photo’s can be used for your purposes, the model can be tagged.
The model will only shoot the theme discussed, every appointment works with a contract or quitclaim. In case you require a new theme, this can be done during a secondary appointment or by increasing the fee. 
In no case is the footage allowed to be uploaded onto a pornographic site, there is fine for this according to the Dutch national laws.
The model is not allowed to be touched without expressed permission of said model. In case of transgression behaviour there will be an indictment filed.
Payment will be completed within 31 days, unless there is a case of violation on the models’ part, theft or proven misconduct the payment will be put on hold as we are looking for an appropriate solution. In case of violation on the part of model, let TVM know IMMEDIATELY.
Arriving too late, calling in sick or no-show: unfortunately, it happens because of traffic jams or unforeseen circumstances. Please let TVM models know immediately if a model is late so we can discuss an appropriate compensation. Models can get sick too, TVM models will let you know as soon as possible and will be looking for a replacement. In case no replacement can be found the invoice will be considered not sent. In case of a no-show the model will immediately be removed from our database. We only want to work with professional model who take their trade serious.
When booking a model you automatically agree with these conditions.

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