We would all want the perfect work in a little as time, right? That way we can focus on what is most important to us, our job! That is why TVM models has a few packages to boost your social media, photography day, product photography, advertisements etc. These are like small external marketing companies that focusses on photo and video footage. 
We have 4 packages that you could choose from:
Collection package
Ad campaign package
Social media package
Starting entrepreneur package
If you would like to set up something different, please let us know your wishes so we can find a solution together.
Photographing a new collection take up a lot of time. TVM models would like to help you with that. All you need to do is send us the product and to let us know your wishes. TVM models will take care of the rest! The photo’s for this package will be made in a studio with different coloured background and with the necessary accessories. TVM arranges the models, photographs and styling to make your product stand out. 
A price indication starts with 10,- per item, with a minimum of 10 items. TVM models will make sure your products will look amazing for your website from multiple different angles. 
** price indication is a starter price, it depends on the number of models, items, location and decoration wishes, etc.
For more information request a no-obligation quote
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Commercial videography and photography take a lot of time, the costs can rise, and it takes a lot of time you would rather spend on something else. Making a perfect video of photo to represent your brand takes a lot of attention, time and knowledge to ensure quality. There might also be high buy-out costs and quitclaims. We handle everything for you! All you have to do is to let us know your requirements, for how long the commercial will be used and your budget. There is something for every budget, but we have to be realistic. The pictures will be of such quality that they can be used for banners, billboards, posters etc. 
What we need to know:
The amount of models 
The amount of photo’s or videos for your advertisement
The estimated reach
For more information request a no-obligation quote.
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Social media content is a time-consuming aspect of marketing. By giving one or multiple shoot days to us is all you have to do is put the posts in you planner app. With the social media package TVM models make content for 1 month. Of course taking into account all your holiday content.
The social media package contains:
8 posts (posting every 4 days) with 1 model
Or – 5 posts and 3 reels (posting every 4 days) with 2 models
Or – 30 posts (posting every day ) with 3 models
Or – 25 posts and 5 5 reels (posting every day) with 1 model
Or – 20 post, 6 reels and 4 behind the scene’s (posting every day) with 5 models

You can create the full package. You send us the items, mood boards and other wishes. TVM takes care of everything else: the models, location, photographers, styling, photo selection and holiday content.
For more information request a no-obligation quote.
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Starting a new business can be stressful, you have to buy products, put them online, maintain a website and ofcours you need the photo’s for your website. To make your product looks their best you need the best photographer, models, location or studio and that is without the stress of social media. We can help you on the way by models, connections, location, and photographers for a starters budget. Investing in models photographers, locations, time can be up to thousands of euro’s so this is why we created the starters package.
Depending on the amount of products, the duration of the shoot, your kind of products, studio or event location. We handle the photographers, models, setting and picking and editing the right photo’s for your social media. Everything that is realistic within your budget. This will save you time and money, time that you would rather use in the development of your new company.
For more information request a no-obligation quote.
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