< September 28th 2024
Rise and shine Runway is a show based in the Netherlands. On September 28th our very first edition will head off. This is an event you don't want to miss!
This show wil bring you beautiful pieces of the newest collection of several brands. This show will be at the beautiful Jachthaven at Van Gent Watersports at the Zandmeren. This show wil bring you joy with our entertainment: Presenter, Singer, Dancer and more! This show is ready to give you goosebumbs because we have thought about everything.
Limited places, so be quick and save your spot in the public. We promise: You don't want to miss this first edition! 
< Runway Models 
< Partners >
We've just announced our first selection of models to take the honors to walk our first edition of Rise and Shine Runway:
Other models wille be announced soon.... ** Tijd voor mij Models Exclusive
Our show on 28th September 2024 is sponsored by:
Main sponsor: Van Gent watersport 
During our preparance we train our models to show the best version of themselves on the catwalk. This catwalk is ment to grow in may ways. We want our models to grow. We want our partners to grow. Are you interested in becoming one of our partners? Send an email to Runway@tijdvoormijmodels.com or fill in the contact form: 
Thank you!
Presenter: Carolyn Collinda
Carolyn has a lot of experience in the pageant world, she's a true beauty to look at and she will guide all of you through the show with her defined scence of humor and her presentation skills. 
We are excited to have her on the show!

Dancers: Mini G's
We are supporters of young talents and therefore we have a group of dancers to make the show even more spectacular. Mini G's has done several competitions. Our show will be a bless to look at with these amazing dancers! 
We are glad to have Mini G's on the show.
Singer: Nancy Knepper
What is a show without a great singer. Nancy brings the atmosphere to the show with her amazing voice! See will guaranteed make you dance, sing along and clap! 
We are glad to have her on de show!
< Founder & Co-founder >
Amanda van Wezel & Maritte van Houten
< Story behind the show >
Rise and Shine Runway was brought to life to give models a chance to grow. Many really good models don't pursue on the minimal height or size requirements and therefore barely get a change to walk on a catwalk. We believe that walking a runway is not only an incredible change for your career, it also helps you get more confident and works positive on your personal growth. That's why we decided to show the diversity with exclusive models from Tijd voor mij Models. We strongly believe that size doesn't matter for being a model. If you are trained well, you can achieve more than you think. It takes hard work an a big dosis if motivation to persue a fantastic catwalk and show of YOUR brand. We believe that the diversity of our models is a great branding for your image as a company. 
We now live in a world where we are trying to get off our usual ''you fit in that box'' way of thinking. We are now working on showing more real people. Perfectly imperfect people as we say. We want to show you what reality is like and get of the ''perfect image'' idea to create a better and more healthy environment on any kind of marketing platform including social media. 
Are you ready to join our movement?
This show is sponsored by:
Our main sponsor: Van Gent Watersport & Tijd voor mij Models
Van Gent watersport - Locatie
Van Gent watersport - Locatie
Van Gent Watersport - Locatie
Van Gent Watersport - Locatie
Van Gent Watersports - Location // Tijd voor mij Models - Models // Jessica brugman - Logo design // Mini G's - Dancer // Nancy Knepper - Singer // Muah's > // Marcello Geerts B.V. - Photographers /

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